Before receiving the first loan commitment, there are always doubts: which organization is worth choosing, how convenient are the conditions for receiving and paying money.

The financial organization “Good Finance” offers to independently verify the convenience, transparency and honesty of their services, and get the first loan for free. Hurry up, special conditions are valid until September 16th.

Terms of the campaign from the MFI “Good Finance”


Offers free loans for beginners is becoming more. Honestly joined the number of MFIs who lend money to newcomers under favorable terms. Now anyone who is not yet a client of this company can receive the first loan obligation absolutely free.

Requirements for borrowers are extremely simple: you must register on the official website of the company “Good Finance” and apply for a loan. Please note that free loans will be for amounts from 3,000 to 10,000 rubles, and for a period of 5 to 15 days.

The offer of free loan commitments will be valid only from August 22 to September 16. Beginners should hurry to arrange the first loan with a zero rate. Extended or overdue payments, alas, will need to be paid at full interest rate. This promotion takes place for good customers who pay their debts on time, as specified in the loan agreement. Debtors and irresponsible customers will be forced to pay the full cost.

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The MFI Honestly often indulges its borrowers with generous stocks and special conditions. In addition, the company has flexible interest rate conditions, which start at 2.2% and gradually decrease with each loan repaid. Also, regular customers can count on large sums, namely, up to 30,000 rubles.

You can get money in a loan on the basis of only a passport of the Russian Federation and a bank card. No additional documents will be required. The age limit in “Good Finance” is much more loyal than in other organizations: 18 – 75 years. This means that there will not be refused a loan to a student or retired person.

One of the important nuances can be a mandatory stable income. This is quite a reasonable requirement, because “Good Finance”, like any other creditor, is counting on debt repayment and income generation. These data will need to enter in the application for a microloan. A scholarship or pension, or any other government payment will be considered a full-fledged income from which you can calculate the creditworthiness and solvency of the borrower. We do not recommend deceiving the MFIs , because in this case, you can incorrectly calculate your credit load, and in the worst case, even get caught on fraud and get into the black list of the MFI .

You can get money in the organization “Good Finance” only in electronic form. There are no stationary departments, and this allows us to offer our clients more favorable credit terms at the expense of cost savings. The client can choose which way he wants to get a microloan: to a bank card or to an account. If the borrower needs cash, you can quickly get it through the cashier. Please note that the accrual rate depends on the method of receiving money. Money will come to a plastic card faster than to a bank account due to technical reasons. It is necessary to take into account this nuance when obtaining a microloan.

Ways to save on microloan


Save on getting money in debt is easy. MFIs, unlike banks, are much more likely to spend a variety of promotions, sweepstakes and lotteries. Today, the market has a wide selection of companies that offer first loan for free. The purpose of such generosity is advertising and popularity. Of course, not all customers after the first free experience will return for a second loan, but if the conditions were really comfortable and profitable, then this possibility exists.

Also, discounts and special conditions for lending are regular customers of MFIs. In many organizations, bonuses and loyalty programs are provided, where the interest rate will decrease with each loan paid. In addition, for permanent and respectable borrowers, there may be a free extension of the loan repayment period, or some additional service from the MFI .

When you receive a microloan even for free, you should always seriously consider all the risks and possibilities of prompt payment. If the borrower does not have a stable job and is not sure that he will be able to repay the debt on time, then it may be worth extending the term of using the money or trying to find a compromise with the lender, for example, by issuing a credit vacation.