One of the most important fintechs operating in the real estate field, Housers, after a long wait, officially lands on Italian territory with an investment proposal in Milan, with two properties already acquired. But how does Housers work, and what makes it successful?

The hugely popular online real estate crowfunding platform

Built with the utmost care and launched worldwide in 2015 in Spain, now boasts a user base of over 50 thousand users. And the success of crowfunding and the stability of the movable property, together with the very low entry thresholds (50 euros are enough to invest) decree the exponential growth also in Italy.

Housers offers the opportunity to invest one or even more assets, starting from a minimum capital of only 50 euros. Two years after its debut, the platform has allowed its community, made up of investors of over 90 nationalities, to put in as much as 25 million euros, out of a total of 101 properties, including those in Milan.

Taking stat data into consideration

Taking stat data into consideration

Only 10% of the population – between 20 and 40 years of age – would be able to buy a second home and consider real estate investment a valid saving and investment alternative. The excessively high costs, the difficulty in having the mortgage and the very long time taken to repay the loans limit very much the possibility of having complete access to this kind of solutions.

Relying on Housers, the investment is connected to a specific real estate that provides important guarantees to individual investors. The property, made income and resold after redevelopment, allows for a return on previously invested capital. Here are the words released by the CEO of Housers Italy, Giovanni Buono:

We are proud to have brought our business model

Into a strong recovery market like the Italian one. Our ambition is to democratize the real estate market by enhancing the savings of our users who often have low revenues to invest in real estate. Ours is a service that combines simplicity, participation and transparency, three key elements of the new economy that looks to the future with confidence and aspires to be more responsible than in the past.

In conclusion, all the money that is deposited and fully guaranteed by Lemon Way, an international operator accredited in our country with regard to the management of electronic payments that provides the consumer with solutions for crowfunding, e-commerce and various payments that are made through any mobile device.