Clients who are currently seeking financing often find themselves in the fortunate position of receiving financing at extremely low interest rates. On the other hand, there is now an incredibly wide range of offers on the market, which are no longer just from the banking sector.

For example, credit portals such as auxmoney make it much harder for established banks to maintain their established market position in the area of ​​financing. But even the customers themselves often have it in their hands to be able to negotiate a slightly cheaper lending rate.

Compare offers as a first measure

Compare offers as a first measure

Before taking out a loan, there should always be a detailed credit comparison. This does not have to be time-consuming, for example, when various individual offers are obtained from the banks. Instead, special credit calculators on the Internet meanwhile offer the possibility of being able to carry out relatively comprehensive comparisons within a few minutes.

Such credit comparisons are based on the current conditions of the banks, although a problem more and more often is that credit institutions increasingly rate credit-based interest rates. In such cases, the credit comparison is not very effective, as you can usually only work with an interest margin. Nevertheless, the credit comparison is a very good means and the first step to get the cheapest possible offer.

Do not ignore established banks


In many cases, it is above all the direct banks and providers from the non-banking sector who can offer particularly favorable credit conditions. Nevertheless, one should not leave out the established banks, such as the Sparkasse or Volksbank at the place of residence. Although the interest rates appear at first glance usually more expensive than the direct banks, but this is especially in the regional banks often still the personal contact.

This also means that it is these smaller banks in particular that have more discretionary power in order to be able to award significantly better terms in individual cases. For this, however, it is usually necessary that the respective customer can make it clear that he would receive the desired loan from another provider cheaper than the bank on the spot.

Confident, but not naughty occur


With a little negotiating skills and a self-confident appearance, it is still possible for many regionally active banks, especially the savings banks and the Good Finance and Goodbank, to negotiate special terms. It is extremely helpful if the loan seeker not only pretends that he has got better offers. Instead, he should be able to present them in writing, so that the on-site bank employee can immediately see that the client would actually take out the loan from another bank in case he did.

In many cases, the bank will either offer at least the same low interest rate as the competing offer, or even a little cheaper. However, some factors play a role, such as how long the customer is already at the bank and how the previous business relationship has been designed. Nevertheless, there are good chances in many cases.