Training Your Online Customer Support Staff

You as a business owner will be solely responsible for whether or not your company succeeds or fails. Ultimately you are the one who runs the business and passes orders and decisions, so you have to take the responsibility of those decisions. At the same time, you are also responsible for training and managing your staff as well. This is because in order for a business to grow, you and your staff has to grow as well, and in order to do that, you have to organize training seminars and events that will allow your staff to learn new techniques that can benefit them and your business.

Your customer service and support staff are representatives of your business, and they play a very crucial task. This is why you need to especially make sure that your customer support staff is trained and ready to handle different customer needs and complaints.

If you are talking about online customer support, then your staff needs to be trained to give quick and efficient responses. The entire purpose of online customer support services is to provide quick responses and when that does not happen, then customers will be dissatisfied.

Your staff doesn’t just need training in regards to your business and products, they also need to be trained to handle different types of questions and client requests and then handle them in a friendly and efficient manner that will appease your clients.

You also need software’s and certain tools that can help make the entire process a lot more organized and easier for both the client and your support staff. Kayako’s customer service desk software is an example of one such software that helps to organize different aspects of customer support and allows you to be able to respond to different clients more quickly and efficiently.

What Happens to Trees That Aren’t Cut?

There’s a very clear difference between the trees that grow in our neighbourhoods and streets and the trees that grow in the wild. If you walk through a forest, you’ll find tree roots, stems and weird branches going in every direction. This is how trees grow in the wild; they just find a way to grow bigger and sometimes, even branches grow roots that reach into the soil for more water and nutrients – sometimes these become new trees as well. This may be pretty cool when it happens in the wild but in urban areas, we have to make sure that our trees grow in a manageable fashion.

The reason why you never see wild trees in urban plantation is because they’re looked after by horticulturists who know how to manage trees. However, since there are so many trees all over the place and since some of them are growing on private property, they might not be getting the attention that they might need. This is when it’s a good idea to hire a tree surgeon Glasgow to come and save your tree by trimming it back into shape.

Sometimes, trees grow branches that are too big for them to manage. Eventually, such a tree will drop the branches it can’t support and since trees have neither eyes nor hearts, these branches can fall and crush something or someone. Other times, their roots and branches start to interfere with the structures of buildings by pushing against them. Since cutting trees is dangerous works and has risks that include property damage if not done correctly, we recommend that you let a tree surgeon Glasgow handle any troublesome tree on your property instead of some local gardener looking for work.

Take This to Heart

Your new property may have a lot of things about it that the sellers conveniently forgot to mention. Many times, when purchasing new property, there are little details which may not be beneficial for a real estate agent to inform you of and instead want to throw it all onto your hands as soon as they can and more importantly, they want to sell to you as soon as they can so that when minor details become major ones, it’s your headache now. Even if there aren’t any, a simple building inspection can be helpful in bargaining for a lower asking price when purchasing new property.

The building inspections Hamilton can provide are crucial to buyers and sellers as well. If you’ve ever been outbid before, you probably know the frustration that comes with forking out of another dream house. Any vendor is needs to inform you of defects in the property under question but if the vendor is simply unaware of said defects to begin with, it falls back on you to pay thousands in repair costs long after the contract has been signed and that isn’t anything at all like what you signed up for when purchasing the place.

New tiling done in the bathroom might not have laid the essentials like waterproofing. New floorboards just cover up rot and damage by pests. If you don’t possess the know-how to spot signs of these incidents, it could be time for you to call up an independent builder who can give you a thorough run down of the place. Knowing when to engage with a builder is tricky. If you do it too late, it no longer will be any of the vendors concern. Usually the best time to engage with a builder is before the exchange.

Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make While Administering Tick or Flea Medicine

So you can’t recollect the last time you culled a tick off your little guy or flicked a flea off your cat. That is okay but only if it is once in a while. However, it is very important to keep your guards up and never fully stop with the tick treatments because at any given moment your pet can catch one and that is where all your hard work goes down the drain. Shielding your pets from parasites that bring inconvenience and infection requires you to be extra vigilant and precision from the owners themselves. Because if your pet dogs do get infected, that means that you are not safe on your own either, you might end up getting some disease from them as well.

So always use a flea tick prevention treatment in case that happens. Sometimes, your dogs might get infestations because you were not administering the flea medicine correctly or maybe you made some mistake. Making a mistake is only a human thing to do, so make sure that you learn from those mistakes and try to find a way to make sure it does not happen again. With that being said, following are some of the common mistakes dog owners make while they are administering tick or flea medicine, check them out below.

Do Not Stop The Treatment During Different Season

You might think that since your pet is going to be staying indoors most of the time during fall and winter season, you can stop the flea tick prevention treatment. That is the biggest mistake dog owners make, because every now and then your pet does go out even in the winter weather and even if he does not. You need to know that there are ticks that can carry themselves into the house through different sources and infest your pet. Make sure to be careful and keep the treatment going.

Time to Up Your Card Game

Do you remember the last time someone handed you a business card of theirs? What did you do with it? Did you thank them for it and then proceeded to place it into your pocket? Maybe you thought that the cad was important enough to be in your wallet? Perhaps you didn’t really feel like you’ll be needing the card at all and you just threw it away? In the corporate world, a simple exchange of business cards can mean a lot of things to both the person handing the card out and the one receiving it.

Now before you hand a card out to a person, you should keep in mind that they will do one of the three things we mentioned above. They might actually want to keep your card with the intent of reaching out to you at some point but since they didn’t store it carefully, they might end up losing the card before they can use it. At other times, the person you hand the card to might not give it too much of a thought before they throw it away. In both these scenarios, the reason the card ends up compromised is because it didn’t exhibit enough value to be taken seriously.

The good news is that you can actually control the way someone sees the card you hand them. Let’s say that you have your business cards printed from Metal Kards; these laser engraved metallic business cards are something no one would have the heart to throw away. Once you hand a metal card to someone, it’s also more likely to survive a day in their pocket till they can get home and place it in their card book.

Why You Should Consider Moving to a Condo

So if you are someone who has lived in a house their whole life, then it is understandable why moving to a condominium might not be a great idea for you initially, however, it is definitely something you can enjoy once you give it a chance.

The main problem with living in a house is that it is an outdated concept of living. People who are young want to live close to the city, or ideal inside it. People who want a happening life, people who want to be able to go to bars and chill with their friends, people who do not want to waste two hours every day driving to and from work, and people who want to be able to do their favorite thing or visit their favorite place in the city on a moment’s notice, all would prefer to be inside the city. However, being in the city also means the price of housing is super high and the neighborhoods are not generally all that great. However, what can be a good neighborhood, and also be something that keeps you close to all your favorite things is a condominium.

A condominium puts you smack in the middle of the city in a comfortable and even luxurious life style. You do not even have to worry about the prices of the condos San Diego side as they will cost you about half or a third of what a house would cost you. But you would be close to your office and not need to drive a lot, you would be close to all your friends, and you would have access to a huge number of amenities and benefits that your condo offers to the community of people living there.

How CBD Works For Treating Anxiety?

Psychological complications like anxiety and depression are increasing with the passage of time in most industrial regions where the individuals are subjected to high work pressure and minimum time for rest. This alteration in their mood not only affects their work productivity but also disrupts their daily routine such as sleeping patterns, appetite, and physical fitness. Many anecdotal evidences suggest that moderate usage of CBD, or cannabidiol, can treat various illness of the body. Whether the mixture is made from hemp or other herbal extracts, there is still some confusion about its chances of any collateral damage. Despite the lack of research about this extract of cannabis, many experiments show that it can have a great impact on the serotonin levels in the body which is directly linked with mood and feelings.

When our brain detects some form of threat and lack of safety in our surroundings various adaptive responses can be developed over the period of time. If this triggered response stays untreated for long time it can not only affect our daily interactions with other people but also reduce our self-confidence and motivation. You would start avoiding going out in the public and engaging in conversations with others because of chronic anxiety. Due to the non-intoxicating nature of cannabidiol, most health physicians prescribe it to their patients who want treatment without any major side effects. If you are looking for smokable CBD for sale, then you can get your desired products on the webpage of CBDoobie for affordable rates.

Whether you are suffering from sociophobia or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), you can get guaranteed results after taking this extract. You would start noticing that all those embarrassing moments of panic attacks are gone and you can once again be confident in the public.

How to Buy The Right Garden Hose For Your Garden

There is no denying that gardening is important for a lot of people. Some do it because they are passionate about it, while others do it because it is important for them. Whatever the case maybe, gardening is not something that happens to be s upper easy. You need to be serious about it, and that is one of the most important things.

With that said, if you are looking for some amazing garden supplies, then I would suggest you head over to Gardenever because they happen to have some of the best supplies you can find, and the best thing is that the prices are great too. Not just that, they regularly update their website with some great buying guides, and reviews. Therefore, you will certainly have a great time with the website.

If you are looking for a garden hose, below, you will have some tips that should help you.

Determine The Right Length

The first thing I would suggest you to consider is the length whenever are buying a garden hose. Make sure that whatever option you are choosing is available in the right length because if you do end with the wrong length, it might not be convenient enough for you.

The Pressure Should Be Optimal

Another thing that I would suggest you to consider whenever you are buying is make sure that you are buying the garden hose with the right amount of pressure. Any less, or more than what is required can cause problems, and ruin your perfect gardening process, and that is never a good thing, especially if you have worked a long time on this. Then you should just go for something that suits you the best.

Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer

When it comes to writing an estate plan, things can get a lot trickier than some like to admit. Not that there are any loopholes in the process, but there are just too many things that a person needs to cover, and sometimes, it becomes a tediously long and difficult process.

In a situation like that, hiring an estate planning lawyer is the smart thing to do. You can actually head over to CES Law and hire one. They have some of the best lawyers working for them, and the best part is that they are not even going to charge you a lot of money.

There are some reasons, very convincing ones that you should hire an estate planning lawyer. For all the right reasons, of course. Still, in this article, we will be looking the reasons. So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

You Want Someone Professional to Handle Everything

If you want someone professional to handle everything rather than trying to do it on your own, then hiring the lawyer is the best thing I would suggest you to do. Sure, you can write the estate plan on your own as well, but there are chances that you might miss the important details, which never is a good thing.

You Want to Save The Hassle

I will be honest with you, writing an estate plan is not an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, you can get into a lot of hassle just trying to write a good estate plan. The best thing that I would suggest you to do is to make sure that you are hiring a lawyer that will save you all the hassle of going through the process.

Everything There is to Know About Root Canals

While people are out there finding the right dentist to get their dental procedures done, it is important that they know which specialization of dentistry is good for the type of procedure they want to get done. Of course, in layman terms no one will know exactly the correct specialization, in fact, most of us do not even know that there are different fields of specialization for dentists. So if you are someone who is in need of a root canal, the dentist you should be going to should be capable of performing endodontic procedures.

Although this might sound like a rarity but it is a very common procedure and almost all the dentists in your locality might be performing them, but in case you are doing your research you can sift through those who specialize in endodontic treatments, the best clinic for root canals that we have come across is known as AV Dental. With that being said, following are all the necessary details you need to know about root canals, especially if you have never gotten one done before, check them out below.

What to Expect During Root Canal

During the procedure of a root canal, your tooth enamel or the top layer of the tooth is removed also including the pulp as well. Once the pulp is removed, your dentist will move on to disinfect the entire area and then the filling procedure is carried out. Lastly, the crown is placed on top of that area so as to provide protection.

Reasons For Needing a Root Canal

Essentially, there tens of thousands of reasons for getting a root canal done. However, the one reason that is common is when the pulp of the tooth starts to get affected and the decay gets worse and most people keep on delaying this until the pain becomes unbearable.

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Residential Properties

No matter how much amount of money you spend on the maintenance of your newly bought carpet, it will slowly become victim of various unwanted materials such as dirt, spills, and dust mites. It might have a great aesthetic appeal right now but after a few months it would start to get dull as you carry thousands of microorganisms and unhygienic items on the bottom of your footwear that are eventually transferred to the deep surface of your carpet. In order to preserve the original texture of your rug, you need to know about these tips.

Make sure to purchase a vacuum with micro-filtration feature which ensures that all the microorganisms are removed from the lower-most surface of the fabric. Vacuuming your carpet at least once a week is vital for its long lifespan and originality. Make sure to go against the pile so that you can remove all the solid dirt particles that might have become deeply infused with the upper layer of the carpet. After a few vigorous cleaning sessions you can go along with the pile so that the original design and shape of the carpet can be restored. Cleaner Cleaner LTD is your best bet if you are looking for professional carpet cleaners in London with many years of experience in the field.

For people who have children or pets at home it is highly recommended to keep doormats in order to reduce the chances of the spread of germs from the outside environment. Most of the bacterial organisms carried on the bottom of the shoes would be trapped in the thick fibers of the doormat, so your carpet would remain intact. Rather than getting harsh chemical treatments for your carpet after every few months, you should get mild cleaning services so that your carpet’s upper surface is not damaged.

CBD Oils And Their Health Benefits

The fact that marijuana is getting legalised all over the world might be great news to marijuana users since they can now get high without worrying about getting into trouble with the authorities. However, there’s another reason why we should be celebrating the legalisation of marijuana – it’s being researched for its medical properties. Yes, the once illegal and frowned upon ‘devils lettuce’ holds quite a few breakthroughs for the medical industry as well.

If you’re a marijuana user. You might have experienced that asides from the psychoactive ‘high’ you get from smoking it, you also feel really relaxed and your fatigue seems to slip away. To put things into perspective, the THC in marijuana is what gets you that high feeling while the CBD is what soothes you and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Once isolated from the rest of the cannabinoids in hash and marijuana, CBD may be ingested in any form, making it easier for all kinds of people to intake. Canna Nano makes a variety of CBD oil infused products for both medical use as well as for anyone who finds themselves in the need for CBD’s soothing properties.

CBD can relieve pain and reduce inflammations without any side effects that we see in many of the drugs we take for inflammations. A study has also shown that CBD oils are effective in reducing seizures in epileptic patients as well. This was just confirmed recently thanks to the fact that marijuana related researches are now being sanctioned.

We’ve been told by stoners all around the world again and again that cannabis can help fight cancer and we didn’t believe them but research shows how CBD has anti-tumor properties that fight cells in leukaemia as well as other forms of cancer.

How Underground Cable Locator Works?

No matter what the purposes of an excavation is at a particular site, it is highly important to know accurate location of underground assets or utilities such as gas pipes or electric cables. The exact placement of these buried items is not possible, but by the implementation of various detection machines you can get a fair approximation about it. The person above the ground has to mainly rely upon alternating current while looking for any signs regarding a buried wire connection. The magnetic field generated around the radius of the wire can leave traces which could be picked up by a high quality cable locator.

Once the cable is grounded, a circuit is completed which could help create a larger electromagnetic field which could be followed towards the end of the cable depending upon the type of conductor. The transmitter of the conductor radiates the electrical energy into the cable that needs to be detected, this way the excavator can reach towards the end of the utilities without having to go through failed attempts of burying the wrong area of land. Orbital-Underground-Service-Location Brisbane is your best bet if you want to get precise location about core infrastructure and want to have your construction or other related project completed according to projected targets.

Depending upon the frequency of electromagnetic waves passed through the ground, the location can also be found by finding out passive radiations emitted by cables. If the cables or wires are not coated with thick upper protective layers, a substantial amount of radio waves can be emitted due to the texture of the metallic utilities. Passive mode detection methods cannot be fully trusted as they are mainly implemented during initial site visits. In the absence of live current, most detectors are set to direct towards active signals.

What to Expect From Physiotherapy

Before we get into this, you should know that physical therapy and physiotherapy are non-interchangeable terms. Basically, physical therapy can be a purely recreational activity such as getting a massage though it does have considerable benefits of its own that last for a while. Physiotherapy, however, is focused on rehabilitation and recovery after an injury so that the patient can regain the level of fitness they had before without any complications.

While the human body is very capable of healing itself, there are certain instances when it’s necessary to aid the body in healing so that it doesn’t develop any irregularities. Let’s say that a certain person has just injured themselves very badly during a sport accidents. Some ligament of theirs might have been ruptured and will need to heal.

Rest, medicine and a proper diet can heal the injury but with the guidance of a physiotherapist, the injury will heal faster and more importantly, it will heal right. If the same injury doesn’t heal properly, then the sportsman in question might not be able to perform like they did before. Through physiotherapy, a person can recover to as good as they were before the injury happened.

Now not everyone responds the same way to the same physical movements. A person’s age can affect how a certain movement might affect them and based on how well they sleep and eat, there might be other effects. Basically, physiotherapy isn’t a one size fits all kind of a solution, which is why doctors of physiotherapy Sandgate test their patients first so that they can devise the most suitable and beneficial exercise and rehabilitation program for them. Going to a physiotherapist might be your only chance to properly recover.

Questions You Should Ask When Getting a Hair Cut

I do not like getting a haircut; mainly because I love my hair too much, but other than that, another thing that I do not like is that, I have thick, straight hair that are not easy to cut, or to tame. So, in situations like that, the hair dresser must be really good with his or her scissors, or I will not be getting a proper haircut.

I have been looking for good hair salons almost all my life, it gets difficult especially if you move a lot, but the best suggestion I would give you is the Tribe Lifestyle Sydney. They are the best at what they do, and they have some of the best stylists as well.

If you are looking for a haircut, below are some questions that you should ask.

Does The Haircut Suit My Face?

Not many people know this but a haircut has a lot to do with how a person’s face and its shape is. This is something that many people are not aware of at all. If you are planning on getting a haircut, the first thing that you need to be absolute about is that the haircut you want goes well with the shape of your face.

Can I Donate My Hair Afterwards?

If you have a lot of hair that needs to be cut, you can always ask if you can donate your hair after the haircut is done. Some places do offer this surface, and the hair is donated to various organizations who make good use of the hair that is donated to them by making wigs for patients who have cancer, or other diseases that result in hair loss.

Signs You Need to Change Your Internet Provider

It is okay to accept the fact that the internet has taken over every aspect of our life, and in a lot of ways, it is for the better. We are able to shop groceries, clothes and miscellaneous items online without having to leave our homes, we can send emails and connect with people from all over the world, we are able to stay in touch with friends and family through different social media pages, we can watch movies, listens to songs and entertain ourselves online and so on, just to name a few things.

With the internet being such an integral part of every home, it is important to have a good internet connection, and if you are currently debating changing your internet provider, then Acanac is a good alternative option, and if you happen to be unsure about whether or not to change your internet provider, we have listed a few red flags for you below.

  • If your internet provider is charging you a lot of money for an average data plan, and you know there are other providers that charge less for better data plans, then you should make the switch, because you are only wasting your money.
  • If your internet connection has connectivity issues and/or tends to stop working frequently, then you should look for a better option.
  • Similarly, if your internet provider provides bad customer support and takes a long time to fix internet connectivity issues, then you should find a provider that is able to respond to internet problems more quickly, and able to inform you about the cause of the problem.
  • If your internet speed is really slow, even though you bought a high speed data plan, then you are not getting what you paid for, and you should look for better options.

Alexa And Your Kids, The Future of Parenting

Alexa is a highly capable and functional AI that Amazon introduced a couple of years ago, the company has put a lot of effort into its continuous development and have turned it into a must have for every smart home out there. The company has taken a number of steps to make Alexa as child friendly as possible, and just recently they have announced a number of new features that will make Alexa even more child friendly.

Let’s take a look at what Alexa has to offer now and how can this AI help make your job as a parent easier for you.


Alexa already has a simplified input mode that makes it easier for kids to interact with the AI, Amazon’s latest feature will allow children to signal Alexa to carry out a number of functions. These simplified templates are basically designed to help develop routines for children, you can set a custom command that your child can give to Alexa, such as “goodnight” and the AI will execute a template that could switch off the lights and play some sort of lullaby.

FreeTime Unlimited Podcasts

Along with useful templates and the ability to instil the value of routines in your children, Alexa also has FreeTime Unlimited which provides children with access to a variety of productive forms of entertainment. FreeTime Unlimited offers TV shows, games, books, apps, and more, all of which are child friendly and can be great to keep your child busy and happy. Amazon is now going to be introducing podcasts to their subscription service as well, providing kids with more forms of entertainment.


Audible’s audiobook service has become quite popular amongst people who like reading but do not have the time needed to grab a book and go through it. Amazon is planning on introducing around a 1000 audiobooks to their subscription service, which is great news for parents who want to promote reading amongst their kids.

Whether you want your child to stay occupied with interesting and fund stories, or you feel like having them go through something more educational, this new feature is really going to come in handy.

Amazon is on a mission to make Alexa as child friendly as possible so that more people are inclined towards buying it. The company is promising a slew of more updates in the future as well, all of which will be focusing on turning Alexa into an essential tool that will have the functionality needed to make our day to day lives a whole lot easier.

Some of the more child focused features that Amazon is working on will only be available for the Echo Dots Kids Edition, so if you plan on relying on Alexa as a parent, then you should consider investing in this version of the Echo Dot.

Technology is really revolutionizing each and every aspect of our lives, and from we can tell, there is an endless stream of innovation heading our way in the near future.

6 Great Ways to Improve Your Child’s Eating Habits

Many parents stress over what their kids eat since kids tend to give you a hard time when it comes to food. They get attracted to all the bad stuff and turn a cold shoulder towards food that will have a positive impact on their health. This is why we have decided to discuss some scientifically proven ways of improving your children’s eating habits. While none of these techniques are a sure fire way of having your kids eat healthier food, they are bound to give them a push in the right direction.

#1 A Mother’s Diet During Pregnancy

Studies show that what a mother consumes while pregnant has a major impact on their child’s eating habits due to the fact that the amniotic sac is capable of not only transmitting nutrients to the baby, but also the flavour of what the mother eats. Mothers who eat a diverse range of healthy foods during their pregnancy tend to pass on their wide palette range to their children, increasing the likelihood of their children accepting a wider variety of foods.

A woman’s diet also effects the taste of her breast milk, this has a role in shaping a child’s palette.

#2 Expose Your Child to a Variety of Foods From an Early Age

Children tend to be less fussy about what they eat up to their toddling stage, this is a great time period to have your child explore a variety of foods and hopefully get accustomed to their taste. The more flavours they get to try, the less trouble they will give you as they grow older.

#3 Make Healthy Food More Accessible

A study suggests that increased visual exposure to any kind of food will eventually lead to an increase in the desire to eat it. Meaning that you should try to make vegetables and fruits look more appealing and leave them in parts of the kitchen where your children get to see them frequently.

#4 Teach Them Through Practice

Children learn a lot from their parents, especially in their early years since they are more prone to imitate their parents during this time period. If you want to attract your kids to healthy foods, start eating them in front of them, this will increase their interest in the right food items and they will feel like trying them out as well.

#5 Focus on Family Meals

Like we said before, repeated exposure can be a powerful learning instrument when it comes to children, parents who take out time to regularly sit down for family meals teach their children better eating habits. This practice can even work with teenagers as it helps develop regular eating times and also makes eating a social experience with their family that children begin to look forward to.

#6 Do Not Restrict Their Choices

Children tend to respond negatively when they feel restricted or oppressed, this holds true for their eating habits as well. Instead of forcing your child to only eat a limited kind of food items, give them a wider variety to choose from, for example, instead of laying out only one type of vegetable at lunch time, prepare two or more different types and let them choose for themselves.

Motherhood And Its Impact on The Brain

Becoming a mother is a powerful experience, it is when you truly start living for someone else and devote yourself completely to the upbringing and protection of a new life that you brought into this world. Motherhood is easily one of the most important experiences in a woman’s life, but there is more to taking on this role than becoming a guardian and provider for someone else, according to what we know through research, motherhood changes a woman’s body in more ways than one.

When a woman becomes a mother, her brain undergoes a series of neurobiological changes that many mothers experience in the form of emotional confusion, excessive worrying, and overprotectiveness right after giving birth. We have begun studying how motherhood effects the makeup of one’s brain only recently, but we have managed to learn a lot that we previously did not know. Unfortunately, most of us out there are still not aware of how motherhood impacts one’s psychological state since people tend to focus more on how a woman’s body changes after going through pregnancy.

According to a French researcher, the neurobiological change that follows pregnancy is one of the biggest biological changes that one’s body can undergo in their life. The body begins preparing for this major change in the early stages of pregnancy, a flood of hormones is introduced into the body that helps the body physically prepare for pregnancy and also develops the “circuitry” needed in the brain to undergo the transformation.

A woman’s ability to multi-task, empathize, and their perception/reaction towards various stimuli get affected by this transformation, basically, the brain prepares itself to be able to fulfil all the needs of a child and allow a mother to become as close to their child as possible. Some of these changes are more extreme at first, such as amplified anxiety and hypervigilance in the early days of motherhood. However, they become less intense over time, meaning that a mother’s brain continually changes itself over the years in order to allow her to bond and interact with her children throughout the various phases of their life.

A study showed that women who undergo pregnancy actually experience an increase in grey-matter in areas of the brain that play a key role in raising another human. The study involved taking images of a mother’s brain through MRI, these images were capture before her pregnancy and after it, and a follow up MRI was conducted as well 2 years after the woman had given birth. The results of her MRI were compared to that of a woman who had never undergone pregnancy and the difference between the two were quite noticeable.

If we look at all the evidence we have, it becomes clear that becoming a mother is more than just a state of mind, the human body actually undergoes changes in order to play out the role of a mother as efficiently as possible. While going through these changes may feel unpleasant, they are definitely important.

TEDxOverlake – Dr. Sara Goering – Philosophy for Kids: Sparking a Love of Learning

Dr. Sara Goering is Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Member of the Program on Values in Society, and Program Director for the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children at the University of Washington, Seattle. Since graduate school, she has developed programs designed to bring philosophy to K-12 students, including a philosophy summer camp and outreach program at the University of Colorado, Boulder, the Center for the Advancement of Philosophy in Schools at California State University at Long Beach, and a regular UW class that sends undergraduate students into the Seattle public schools to lead weekly philosophy discussions with K-12 students.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.