Alexa is a highly capable and functional AI that Amazon introduced a couple of years ago, the company has put a lot of effort into its continuous development and have turned it into a must have for every smart home out there. The company has taken a number of steps to make Alexa as child friendly as possible, and just recently they have announced a number of new features that will make Alexa even more child friendly.

Let’s take a look at what Alexa has to offer now and how can this AI help make your job as a parent easier for you.


Alexa already has a simplified input mode that makes it easier for kids to interact with the AI, Amazon’s latest feature will allow children to signal Alexa to carry out a number of functions. These simplified templates are basically designed to help develop routines for children, you can set a custom command that your child can give to Alexa, such as “goodnight” and the AI will execute a template that could switch off the lights and play some sort of lullaby.

FreeTime Unlimited Podcasts

Along with useful templates and the ability to instil the value of routines in your children, Alexa also has FreeTime Unlimited which provides children with access to a variety of productive forms of entertainment. FreeTime Unlimited offers TV shows, games, books, apps, and more, all of which are child friendly and can be great to keep your child busy and happy. Amazon is now going to be introducing podcasts to their subscription service as well, providing kids with more forms of entertainment.


Audible’s audiobook service has become quite popular amongst people who like reading but do not have the time needed to grab a book and go through it. Amazon is planning on introducing around a 1000 audiobooks to their subscription service, which is great news for parents who want to promote reading amongst their kids.

Whether you want your child to stay occupied with interesting and fund stories, or you feel like having them go through something more educational, this new feature is really going to come in handy.

Amazon is on a mission to make Alexa as child friendly as possible so that more people are inclined towards buying it. The company is promising a slew of more updates in the future as well, all of which will be focusing on turning Alexa into an essential tool that will have the functionality needed to make our day to day lives a whole lot easier.

Some of the more child focused features that Amazon is working on will only be available for the Echo Dots Kids Edition, so if you plan on relying on Alexa as a parent, then you should consider investing in this version of the Echo Dot.

Technology is really revolutionizing each and every aspect of our lives, and from we can tell, there is an endless stream of innovation heading our way in the near future.