No matter how much amount of money you spend on the maintenance of your newly bought carpet, it will slowly become victim of various unwanted materials such as dirt, spills, and dust mites. It might have a great aesthetic appeal right now but after a few months it would start to get dull as you carry thousands of microorganisms and unhygienic items on the bottom of your footwear that are eventually transferred to the deep surface of your carpet. In order to preserve the original texture of your rug, you need to know about these tips.

Make sure to purchase a vacuum with micro-filtration feature which ensures that all the microorganisms are removed from the lower-most surface of the fabric. Vacuuming your carpet at least once a week is vital for its long lifespan and originality. Make sure to go against the pile so that you can remove all the solid dirt particles that might have become deeply infused with the upper layer of the carpet. After a few vigorous cleaning sessions you can go along with the pile so that the original design and shape of the carpet can be restored. Cleaner Cleaner LTD is your best bet if you are looking for professional carpet cleaners in London with many years of experience in the field.

For people who have children or pets at home it is highly recommended to keep doormats in order to reduce the chances of the spread of germs from the outside environment. Most of the bacterial organisms carried on the bottom of the shoes would be trapped in the thick fibers of the doormat, so your carpet would remain intact. Rather than getting harsh chemical treatments for your carpet after every few months, you should get mild cleaning services so that your carpet’s upper surface is not damaged.