If you’re a traveller, then there’s no way you’re ever going to leave Switzerland off of your travelling bucket list now, would you? If you like contemporary culture, history and some of the most spectacular views ever then Switzerland is where you want to be. Let’s not forget that you can visit a place that’s full of amazing sites and still not experience it fully simply because you didn’t know where to go and what to do.

If you’re planning on going to Basel Switzerland anytime soon, then here are just some things that you really ought to check out. Basel is a nice spot just 10 minutes from the French border so it’s easy to overlook but that’s just another reason to visit it. Use your pictures and memories from Basel to flex on your friends who’ve been to Switzerland but didn’t explore it asides from what the tour guides tell them to see.

The Rhine river runs through Basel and it’s actually a very popular bathing spot. You’ll see people’s heads poking out of the surface of the water wherever you look. The locals love floating along the current and if you’re in Basel, this is definitely one of the things you just have to do. Speaking of water, you have to taste the spring waters of Basel. You think you’ve had good tasting water? Well, let the mountain spring water of Basel blow you away.

Since Basel is on the outskirts, it’s a mid-point between Germany, France and Switzerland. They have a monument to signify this. It’s called the three countries corner and if you’re in Basel, there’s no way you’re leaving without checking this monument out and taking at least a few pictures with it. It’s not every day that you’re in three countries at once, you know.