We’ve had Facebook for more than a decade now. If you were one of those users that had a Facebook profile back in 2007, then you probably remember how little advertisements we saw when we logged in. Compared to now, Facebook has really come a long way with many things. We have so many new features and ways to connect with the people in our lives. In fact, we can go as far as to say that more than half of the people alive today can no longer live without their Facebook app.

You get to work on Facebook, find entertainment and even keep up with current affairs. Facebook came with the promise that it’s free and always will be, this is a promise that they’ve kept up till now. If there’s a price we pay for using Facebook, then it’s the ads we keep seeing. The conspiracy nuts amongst us will tip their tin foil hats as they tell you that Facebook is selling your personal information to generate income but it makes much more sense to say that they make their money from ads.

It’s come to a point where you can no longer watch a video on Facebook for more than 20 seconds without having to see a 10-second ad. At this point these ads are just getting crazy; however, a lot of companies and Facebook themselves make a whole lot of money from these ads. With a 16% increase in their total ad generated revenue since last year, Facebook is really catching up to Google, who lost about 10% of revenue from mobile advertising in the same year. You can learn more about this over at TrinityInsight.com. It’s always good to stay informed, right?