Have you always really wanted to learn to play piano but never had the times to do it? Or you always wanted to learn the piano but could never figure out which course is best for you, then, this online course is for you. Many people decide that it’s finally their time to learn the piano but end feeling stuck in their piano lessons as they have to go through lengthy piano drills and music theories that they had not signed up for.

This piano course is designed in such a way that it teaches you piano in just 21 days. Jaques came up with this idea of a different piano teaching curriculum as he himself was a student of piano but even after taking classes for 12 years, he only knew two songs. He wanted to devise a course that would teach people to learn to play piano by maximizing the creative element. They also acknowledge the fact that there are things that people have to overcome while their learning something new. They have included a list of tips and techniques that their students can read for help. Other than that, they don’t make you practice old traditional songs that other courses have been teaching for years.

Instead they teach the basic framework of piano chords first which make the students able to learn it their own way. At the end of 21 days, they’re able to play a lot of modern easy songs. Other than that, they’re also able to improvise on the chords and techniques that they have learnt. This course is more creative and less theoretical as it gives its students the freedom to improvise on what they have learnt and be able to play their favorite songs in 21 days!