There is a dire need for translation services as education is not really possible without it. In higher education, there are a lot of topics that come in different languages. For research students, it is necessary that they have some means of translation.

Before, students used to look up in dictionaries. As that is not really possible in today’s age, they are more inclined towards technology to help them understand better. Technology is considered as a better means of availing translation services as it is faster and hassle free.

While you’re reading, you don’t want anything to divert your attention. Dictionaries can divert your attention as you have to stop reading and look up from your book which is followed by finding the word in the dictionary. This can divert your attention and you’ll lose your focus. Dictionaries aren’t feasible in this case.


There are many devices that are now available to help you in this case. By just typing the word into the device, you’ll be able to know its translation. These devices are very common now but they also require some effort. You can lose your focus in the process as you’ll have to type the word into the device. There are better devices available now.

Translator Pen

This device can be attached to a pen and used to learn translation of any word you want to know the meaning of. Because of its feasibility, this gadget is good for translators. They are very easy to use. After attaching it to the pen, you’ll just have to put it on the word that you want to translate. The device will show its translation in a matter of seconds. This makes it extremely feasible and carried to school and workplaces.