Before we get into this, you should know that physical therapy and physiotherapy are non-interchangeable terms. Basically, physical therapy can be a purely recreational activity such as getting a massage though it does have considerable benefits of its own that last for a while. Physiotherapy, however, is focused on rehabilitation and recovery after an injury so that the patient can regain the level of fitness they had before without any complications.

While the human body is very capable of healing itself, there are certain instances when it’s necessary to aid the body in healing so that it doesn’t develop any irregularities. Let’s say that a certain person has just injured themselves very badly during a sport accidents. Some ligament of theirs might have been ruptured and will need to heal.

Rest, medicine and a proper diet can heal the injury but with the guidance of a physiotherapist, the injury will heal faster and more importantly, it will heal right. If the same injury doesn’t heal properly, then the sportsman in question might not be able to perform like they did before. Through physiotherapy, a person can recover to as good as they were before the injury happened.

Now not everyone responds the same way to the same physical movements. A person’s age can affect how a certain movement might affect them and based on how well they sleep and eat, there might be other effects. Basically, physiotherapy isn’t a one size fits all kind of a solution, which is why doctors of physiotherapy Sandgate test their patients first so that they can devise the most suitable and beneficial exercise and rehabilitation program for them. Going to a physiotherapist might be your only chance to properly recover.